sabato 31 maggio 2014

Back to modpacking

Hi all,
after a long stop due to interest loss i'll back soon with a new modpack.

From 1.6.X the Minecraft Launcher is changed and place a modpack in it is not so easy as before.
So I decided to keep my modpack inside MultiMC.

To install MultiMC simply create a folder wherever you like, drop inside the file you downloaded, run it once, check options, enjoy.

At first run you can see inside the folder where you put MultiMC that the program have downloaded some files and created folders.

One of these folders is called "istances". Open it and place the full modpack folder.
If you kept MultiMC open you'll have to restart it .

It works with all my modpacks, from older to future.

If you find difficulties to install MultiMC or a modpack check the MultiMC site.
If you can resolve it please write a comment with your experience to help other users.
I'll not help you more with MultiMC (i'm not their cusomer care), sorry. So it is assumed that if you download my modpacks you'll be able to use them. I can make mistakes but all modpacks are tested at least since Minecraft starts a new game.

I decided to use FTB config files in my new modpacks. They are ready for many mods, so i have to configure only newer mods.
The FTB configs was only the base. I have already added many mods, and i'll keep these files in future modpacks for compatibility.

I have a 1.6.4 modpack (180+ mods) ready in test:

Name: Zcraft (temporary)
Mods: 180+ list now unavailable (temporary, number and mods may change)

To do:
  • Unified FTB-based config folder
  • Find a better name
  • Create icon
  • Create startup/main menu graphic
  • ID conflict hunt
  • Balancing
  • Packaging
  • Archive building
  • Upload
  • Write post (trust me! it take some time)
  • Server (LATER)
I think it will be ready before the end of the next week for client. Later comes the server, ready with MCPC+ to run your favorite plugins.

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