martedì 10 giugno 2014



My first 1.6.4 distributed modpack (done some private servers)
  • 216 mods
  • Dedicated server (MCPC+ ready)
  • Most of all technic mod, few magic only for convenience
  • All mods are up to date at release time (don't mind advices about new versions: it's meant they are for 1.7.X+)


ZCraft Client 1.3a
ZCraft Server 1.3a

ZCraft Client 1.3 Bugged
ZCraft Server 1.3 Bugged

ZCraft Client 1.2
ZCraft Server 1.2

ZCraft Client 1.1
ZCraft Server 1.1


Server ready!!!

Now you can download the modpack through the Technic Launcher.

sabato 31 maggio 2014