giovedì 27 dicembre 2012


I was thinking about a V2.0 of  Better Than FTB, but some mods are not ready and other mods are too much interesting to not be inserted in my modpack, so i created...


lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Better than FTB - MC1.4.5

This is the ultimate Minecraft 1.4.5 modpack.
Almost all the FTB mods but updated, 3 times the number of mod of FTB, dungeons, tech, mobs, mounts, craftable spawners, addons and more. 91 mods installed for your fun.
[v1.1 - added Buildcraft APS]
[v1.2 - Major Bugfix, mods updated, some ID conflict resolved]

Better Than FTB v1.2 - MIRROR
Better Than FTB_v1.1
Better Than FTB     MODLIST 1.0

martedì 18 settembre 2012

Tech, Magic & Fun ModPack v1.0

A more "magic" version of my modpacks, without extremebiomes for better experience with extra mob mods and genomic, magic and adventure mods installed.

Compatible with Zortag ModPack V2.

Enjoy it.

Tech, Magic & Fun ModPack v1.0

martedì 4 settembre 2012

Apocalypse ModPack V2 - Forge Mods

The counterpart of the V1: Forge mods.
I reused the "world destructive" mods in a more complete modpack, with some tech mods.
More than 60 mods based on Zortag Modpacks minecraft.jar.

Apocalyse ModPack V2

Apocalypse ModPack V1 - Non Forge Mods

This pack is born cause i like Better Than Wolves mod, but is is filled with more mods.
Apocalyptic because there are some "world destructive" mods. Beware using "Pandora Block".

Apocalypse ModPack V1

Zortag ModPack V2

This is the second version fo the Zortag Modpack more than 80 mods (not compatible with v1)

Zortag ModPack 2.1

Zortag ModPack V1

This is my first modpack version, more than 60 mods

Zortag ModPack V1